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Clean oxides and scale + care for the surface-Ferrokleen
CRC has developed a water-based product for the removal of all types of oxides, limescale, algae, stains, oils, tar and others. Ideal for removing large rust stains from all outdoor steel surfaces whist respecting the surface integrity. Ferrokleen’s foaming formulation enhances contact with the surface and is economical in use.

New EU´s plastic directives for the consumer market
The packaging for our Consumer Wipes is now marked according to the EU's new plastic directives. We welcome the harder restrictions and see them as an important step in the right direction towards a more sustainable consumption. Because we all need to take greater responsibility, both producers and consumers. That is why we are determined to become even more transparent in our environmental work where the new labelling is only a step on the way. We will continue the journey towards making our products even more sustainable. All to reduce the negative effects plastic has on the environment, without compromising on effective cleaning.

CRC Professional Cleaner
CRC Professional Cleaner is a multi-functional cleaner and degreaser for all departments with fast results. It removes grease, oil, lubricants, tar, adhesives and more in no time.

Must have cleaner-CRC ECO Complex Blue
ECO Complex Blue is an advanced water-based cleaner and degreaser for use on all substrates with minimal environmental harm and user risk. ECO Complex Blue removes quickly and safely grease, oil, lubricants, grime, blood, nicotine, food, tough stains, virus, bacteria and fungus from any washable surface.
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CRC’s continuous improvement program- Label off super
CRC is proud to announce that our R&D scientists have re-designed the Label off super formulation.Label off super removes all types of labels easily, does not leave a residue, and is low-odour for user comfort. Label Off Super eliminates the need for harmful scraping and has been NSF certified for use in both food/beverage processing areas and traditional engineering.
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New! Acrylic Paint application movie
CRC is launching a new application movie to show the Acrylic 3-step Paint system. Check it out now!
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CRC Industrial ECO Degreaser
CRC launches the ideal degreaser for the most demanding applications (NSF approved A8 & K1).
The new Industrial ECO Degreaser is tough for the contaminants and safe for the worker, the surface and the environment.
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FPS Product finder
Selecting the right Food Processing Safe (FPS) product hasn't always been easy ... UNTIL NOW.

A Fast and Easy way to reach the solution you are looking for.

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Clean and disinfect 2 in 1
Multi-surface Citro COVKLEEN is a cleaner and a disinfectant in 1 product: Kills bacteria, virus and fungus + removes all contaminants in just one step.
Being safe has never being easier.
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